STILL FIGURING OUT what it is to be a man

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STILL FIGURING OUT is a collaborative work with Conflict Resolution expert Antonia Porter.
We interviewed and photographed 6 young men from different backgrounds and races about being a man, looking at frustration and joy, their relationship with love and women; their thought about Colonialism and apartheid and how it related to their manhood identity. I took a series of portraits and contextualising shots with my Hasselblad.
What came out is a touching insight into these men's lives.
What we achieved is a positive reportage and a multimedia exhibition to be hosted at Slave Lodge Museum in Cape Town in spring 2018.

This is a Premier selection to commemorate the live of South Africa nation on remembering Mandela and his great achievement.

If you are interested to see the whole project, for publication or exhibition only, do not hesitate to contact us.
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