Portmanteau, from photography to etching

3 images Created 31 Aug 2012

Portmanteau is a limited edition series of 3 photo etchings, which combines photographs from the Victorian era, digital photographs from the current, and print making. Portmanteau is a term usually used to refer to the concept of two meanings packed up into one word, as Lewis Carroll describes in his book Through the Looking-Glass in 1871, or to a large leather suitcase that opened into two compartments as in American Notes by Dickens.
My personal reassessment of Portmanteau is simply related to how the urban cityscape from late 1800s has changed to the cityscape of today. Bringing together the two, it allows me to create a series of visual morphemes, which, in this particular case, foreshadow the 21st century.

Each illustration has been printed on Summerset Offwhite paper, 300gr.
The original XX century pictures are courtesy of Bishopgate Institute Archive Library and Dalston Archive Library, London.
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